Personal: A bit of my life in pictures...

I have an amazing cat, Artemis
The beautiful sphinx cat, Artemis
I spend a lot of time fencing. (That's me on the right)
Sometimes, I win a fencing tournament!
I also enjoy playing board games. And I paint all my game miniatures.
Some painted Zombicide minis from 2015
I also like tabletop Role Playing games like D&D; I always draw my character. Here's one from 2016.
Here's another drawing of a role playing game character I did in 2016.
I also bake.
I bake alot.
I'm obsessed with gadgets. If it gets me closer to the Star Trek holodeck, I am sold.
I teach an undergraduate psychology class on perception, with an emphasis on illusions.
I taught myself life-casting so I could make resin hands holding tools for my dissertation work.
I do some design work. This is the logo for the Psych Dpt's Grad Intermural Ultimate Frisbee Team. Go Psychout!
I do some design work. This one is for the Psych Department. All the levels of psychology study.
I also do cosplay (and LOVE STAR TREK)! "Live long and prosper."
Some more cosplay--Furiosa forever.